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LMS - its fine that you think more shot is better / but we'll just have to agree to disagree..../ there are some studies on my side about the improved patterns in a 12ga for 1 oz loads..../ but you can probably find articles saying 1 1/8 oz is better too ....( and I used to think like you did, more has to be better ...and 7 1/2's were the only thing I shot, all in 1 1/8 oz in the 1980's and into the 1990's )....

My buddies and I, when we shoot Trap singles from the 16yard line ....we'll each manage at least one 25 out of 4 rounds ( 100 targets ) ....but for the most part, depending on the day, we all shoot scores in the area of a 92 - 97 or so, out of a 100 - kind of depends on the day / but for the most part with 1 oz or 7/8 loads of 8's.../..... lots of 23's and 24's...among my buddies. We are all past our "shooting prime" these days ...all of us are in our 60's and 70's...( some of those guys used to be Really Good)...!

I don't know anyone that is shooting 1 1/8 oz for 16 yard singles anymore least not in our casual group of shooters...we're not tournament Trap shooters. Most of us used to be tournament Skeet and Sporting clays shooters....and most of us shoot 6 - 10 boxes a week - all for fun - weather permitting.../ we just don't shoot much Trap (maybe 20 rounds a year is all )..../ but we all have some nice Trap guns ( Browning BT 100's, BT 99's - and XT's -- one guy shoots a Krieghoff KX-5).../ all in 32" or 34"...( so we look cool !! )....even if we can't shoot...

Its been a long time since I ran a 100 straight in Trap ....but even when I've done it, I've shot my same 1 oz loads of 8's at 1225 fps....its been my primary 12ga shell for at least 15 yrs...( for Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays)....and I won't pretend my scores are good enough to win tournaments - they are not ......the only big tournament titles I've ever won, were sporting clays tournaments, in 28ga. I've come in 2nd or 3rd a few more 12ga events...but never won a big one in 12ga.

( heck its been a long time since I've run 100 straight in skeet too / in any gague .... ...but we keep trying to relive our youth - and wish for better eyesight - / and good knees and backs...).... / these days, even in Skeet, any score in the 90's is not a bad day ...can't eat em anyway ...and you have to let a few of them go, so you have something to do next week !

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