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I will disagree with your numbers. A 158gr XTP leaves my 6" Ruger at just under 1600 fps. A 110gr bullet from my 6" Ruger will equal or exceed.30 carbine velocities with the same bullet weight. While .357 is minimal and marginal for deer, it would be foolish to use a 110gr RN bullet for them. While I also dispute your energy levels at 100 or 200 yards for the same reason, I wouldn't shoot at deer at that range with either.

I keep hearing that "shot placement is everything" and I dispute that assertion as well. Shot placement is 50%. Shot placement means nothing unless the bullet penetrates far enough, and performs its job on the way. The amount of damage a bullet does to vital organs in a perfectly placed shot can be the difference between a deer dying quickly 20 yards away to be recovered, and dying 1/2 mile and several minutes later, never to be found.
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