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To add to the Savage 99 knowlege base:

Just aquired 99F in 308. Boss letter L (1960) serial 1010xxx with the tried and true olde Weaver 4x.

Inspection stamps: b o s 5

Chicopee Falls, Mass

Tang safety, hand checkering, sling swivels (may not be original)

Some comments:

1) I have read some feel the tang safety is poorly made, but I found this one to be well designed and well made- very nice in use. I don't see them as inferior to the lever safety in any way.

2) I know collectors made a benchmark at one million to call out lesser quality builds, but from what I see the decline began after the 1 mil 100 thousands. This gun is hand fitted and very nicely made. So don't disregard 99's just because they may have a serial over 1 mil. I almost did and am very glad I went back and took a second look.

4) the stock had split behind the tang. Some people and maybe some smiths should not be allowed to touch wood!! They really messed up the stock in an attempt to screw it together when all they had to do is open the split a little, add a good glue and clamp. I was able to hide most of the horror with matched plugs and judicious re-touching.

Anyway (gloat) I am really pleased with this rifle. An added bonus is some very nice figure on the butt stock.

Sweet lever guns. Bring on the tang sight!


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