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Let's steer clear of red vs. blue politics. McAuliffe's position on guns was known before he was elected.

The question is: will this make him think twice about his policies?
McAuliffe was elected despite his position on guns because his opponent was such a poor extremist candidate. He made his position on guns known in the liberal suburban parts of the state but he never mentioned it in the rural and traditional parts of the state where native Virginians the majority of the population. There are three distinct Virginias. Those of us in the western end are independent hard headed country folks who came to the mountains to get away from the big city politics and government control. We have Northern Virginia that is like a typical northern state with a big influence of DC and Maryland (that's where all of the news and information comes from). Then you have central and eastern Virginia that are more like the traditional Virginia with some liberal strongholds (Tidewater-[which is Norfolk, Va Beach, Hampton, Chesapeake], Richmond and Charlottesville)
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