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A .30 carbine energy about equals a .38 spl with a much more miserable selection of suitable hunting bullets. .30 carbines lame performance on humans in the Pacific during WWII is well documented.
Now we're being silly. In the South Pacific the Carbine gave a good account of itself. Most of the SP campaign was in the jungle where range was limited.

My father fought in the SP (Burma Campaign w/41st Inf. Div) and raved about the carbine. Seldom got shots past 100 yards. The short light weight (5 lbs or so) made an excellent jungle carbine. He also carried the Carbine in Korea. He loved it.

But lets set personal opinions aside.

According to the Army (per Hatcher's Notebook), the energy needed to produce a disabling wound is 60 ft lbs. The Carbine round (110 gr @ 2000 fps) develops that at 1000 yards.

In my state, for a pistol round to be legal for hunting it has to develop 500 ft. lbs. at 100 yards. Its gonna take a stretch of imagination to get a 357 to do that. No 38 spl will. However the 30 cal carbine develops 671 ft lbs at 500 yards. At 200 its 458 ft lbs, more then enough for a humane kill on deer size animals.

Using the common 158 gr 38 round @ 850 fps 223 ft lbs. @100 yards
in the 357 the same bullet @ 1350 fps is 465 ft.lbs at @ 100 yards.

The Carbine @ 200 yards delivers almost (458 ft lbs) the energy at 200 yards as the 357 does at 100.

Yet people say a revolver in 357 is ok for deer but a 30 cal. isn't????

Is it a long range round for prairie hunting? NO of course not. Is it enough for hunting from a tree stand at Bow distances? Of course it is.

I run the "Sight in Days" for our Club, where we open the range to anyone (mostly out of state hunters) to check their sights before hunting.

From what I've seen a large number of Hunter(sic) would be much better with a Carbine then their 300 Mag wiz bangs that produces "flinch and hope".

I use my Carbine in CMP Carbine matches, I haven't hunted with it, but after these post I'm going to next year.
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