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I think they are looking at the long term trending of Va. getting more and more populated with DC leftovers, and how gun friendly a state will continue to be several years from now.
I live in the western end of Virginia and have been watching the changes in Virginia for years. We elected a democrat for governor because the Republican party is run by a very right wing faction. They even changed to nominating procedure so they could choose the worse possible candidate to run for governor. The map of how the state voted tells the story of Virginia. The state is red with little spots of blue. However, the little spots of blue is where the majority of the population is. The blue is where the government workers live, where a lot of minorities live, where the larger universities are and where most of the people live that are not native to the USA. If the election had been one week later, we would have a republican governor even though he was a poor choice. Fortunately, the legislature is solidly republican.
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