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my point is that I have found that the type of shooting that I do provides me with related skills to a quite acceptable degree. From observation, I do not see that the reverse is true for other types of training. In fact, IMHO, all of those shooters would benefit greatly if they spent more time shooting at distance, slowly and at smaller targets.
No argument there. The basics are the "base". Without those, trying to do anything else will likely give mediocre, if not poor results.

One thing great about the shooting community is, there are so many different areas within it, that you can spend your whole life wandering through and trying to learn the different disciplines (as well as driving yourself crazy and emptying your wallet. ). In all of them, those "basics" carry through, and you pretty much need that base ingrained, no matter which direction you go. Each way you go, you learn some more, and sometimes there are conflicts in older doctrine, but that too is a learning experience.
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