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If not "needs", then at least "should be".

As far as the "last four" or so, are we to assume that your skill set and need only apply to your particular shooting discipline, and nothing more?

The reason I ask is, if you do carry a gun and have none of the other skills, how is that not dangerous and irresponsible?
+1 about the should be.
The rest.......fair questions. Perhaps my wording was poor....I find that what I do provides me with related skills. I have the other skill sets to a degree that I am comfortable with.
I do not claim to be an exceptional shot with pistol, rifle, or shotgun - not at all. That being said, is usually hit what I am aiming at.
I do know that, for me, what practice I do (and I shoot two or three times a week) supports a variety of skill sets.
At the range, near my home in Sweet Valley there are often men and women who are practicing combat skills. I watch them shoot. Occasionally, I will check my self and do the same type of shooting.
Maybe they all need more practice, because I shoot as well or better at those same drills as they do.
Dont get me wrong....I am not blowing my own point is that I have found that the type of shooting that I do provides me with related skills to a quite acceptable degree. From observation, I do not see that the reverse is true for other types of training. In fact, IMHO, all of those shooters would benefit greatly if they spent more time shooting at distance, slowly and at smaller targets.
Drawing, presenting, shooting rapid fire at a target three yards away does nothing to prepare me for shooting at a slow fire bullseye that is 50 yards away. Since I am more apt to be shooting at that bullseye than be in a three yard encounter, I practice for what I am most apt to be doing. I know that I can hit the three yard target quickly and successively if I need to.
None of the above is meant critically....i write this disclaimer because it is so often difficult to detect tone in internet posts.
“Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports ... all others are games.” Ernest Hemingway ...
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