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I too purchased mine when the surplus P1's started coming in several years back. They were cheap, $150. to $250 and I considered them a great value for a German gun. I wanted it because it was so different from what I own and I've found it to be an enjoyable and fun shooter. I liked the grip angle and the vintage look. Mine was in excellent condition and had an unusually deep black parkerized finish. Eezox made it even darker over the years. I don't shoot it much anymore because of other guns that I enjoy shooting, but when I did, it was fairly accurate enough and I've never had any issues with it. Every once in a while I'll bring it to the range just for the fun factor, sometimes it does get some looks and comments, mostly from the younger crowd that don't know what it is. Like others have stated, look for the hex bolt in the frame and shoot standard ammo, nothing hot and they will be fine.
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