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I'm old school and shoot trap singles (16-yard) with a Full, or almost Full, choke. Yeah, I know a lot of folks like a wider spread. I use an Imp Mod for the first shot in trap doubles.

When I had just a Skeet gun, I used it for infrequent trap -- the Sk choke didn't "smoke" many targets. When I got my first trap gun (R-1100-T) it came with Full, Extra Full and Super Full screw-ins. My present trap gun (B-682x) came with Imp Mod, Full, and X-Full. Perhaps this was indicative of a trend towards wider chokes for trap.

kill them when they are still rising and under power - so the flight is predictable.
Amen, Big Jim.
A falling trap target can easily get under your barrel. Have you ever noticed, how many trap shooters have a devil of a time shooting straight away targets.
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