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Other than to say you have done it, what's the point of shooting elephant loads from your .458 if you aren't shooting (or practicing to shoot) elephants?

After wanting one forever, I got a .458 around 20 years ago. A rather unique .458, built on a Mauser action, but with a thumbhole stock, and a "cutts" muzzle device, similar to a Tommygun (not a recoil reducing brake, all the slots point up, its built to reduce muzzle climb).

Somebody had it built this way, I have no idea why, but its kind of neat. NOT a good configuration for a dangerous game rifle, kind of a mountain rifle, but in .458 Win Mag. Oh, and its kind of light, too...

Needless to say, I don't shoot elephant loads, but I do shoot other loads that have proven to be quite impressive, and easier on the shoulder.

A while back, a friend was clearing some trees, including some I had used in the past for targets, about 80+ yds from my back deck, where I used to shoot.

He gave me two bullets, one cut in half, lengthwise by his chainsaw, the other intact, and only slightly distorted. 400gr hard cast .458, recovered 2 FEET deep in the wood. These were fired with an estimated muzzle velocity between 1800-1900fps.

2 FEET deep in a tree 80+ yds...I think that would do fine for anything I'm likely to meet these days, and while it does kick, its not horrid.

I have also learned that the Speer 400JSP (designed for the .45-70) pushed to "only" 2100fps is A) more recoil than I enjoy for plinking, by just a bit, and B) acts like a varmint bullet when it hits anything....

Choose the Lott, if you think you will ever have any use for it, or choose the .458 WIn in a rifle long enough to take the Lott, and have it rechambered, if you desire the most you can get. But if you are talking about something you can use, more than rarely, loading these big cases to approx. 45-70, .45-90, or .45-120 ballistics with good cast bullets is plenty for anything that doesn't hunt you back. And will do a creditable job on things that do, if you do your part well.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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