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You know, I'm pretty strongly biased against Taurus, but this is a very even-handed and fair analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two.
Thank you. Maybe the rest of my story is relevant...
I bought a PT-99AF in 1994 mere weeks before the Crime Bill went in to effect. I truly had no desire for a 9mm pistol, but the political climate made it seem like it was sensible to buy a hi-cap handgun and I had the money. I was an avid reader of Guns & Ammo and was convinced by two writers... of two things. One was that "Wondernines" were a horrific choice (Jeff Cooper! ) and that Taurus made a lot of gun for budget money (Jan Libourel.) Since I merely wanted to own it and make noise on a range and I had no service / duty / defense intentions for it, I "lowered" myself to a 9mm handgun.

I went to the biggest local gun store and asked for the Taurus and wanted the adjustable sight version and I didn't do much to interview the pistol. They had it, everyone was buying hi-caps, and I wanted it, so I bought it. Of course, the Brady Bill had me waiting to actually take it home and when I returned to the store a week later to take delivery of my handgun, I gave the double action trigger a try and I was horrified.

I asked to see another and tried the DA trigger on that one, and it too was bad, but it was -far- better than the one I had bought. I was not happy with the difference and I asked if I could have the one with the better trigger. And the salesman was good enough to say that indeed I could have it... but I'd have to wait (and pay for...) a second background check. Which I did.

There's a morbid curiosity in me that wishes I had the other one also just for the absolute, jaw-dropping DA trigger on it.

I've put some 10,000 rounds through this pistol with no problems until a few years ago when I broke the rear adjustable sight. To be sure, I broke the rear sight, it wasn't simply a parts failure. I got ham-fisted with it and gave it a gorilla twist and snapped it. Beyond that, the pistol has always given good service. In the first years when I ran -the- cheapest factory fodder I could buy (Norinco!) it ran mostly well and wasn't very accurate. When I finally started making my own 9mm handloads, it then ran 100% and accuracy tightened up a notch, but still not target grade.

Fast forward 19 years and I picked up a lightly used Beretta 92F from the used market because a buddy turned me on to a deal form an acquaintance. It was cheap enough that I could "interview" the pistol and forward it to the next owner without losing any money and that's what I ended up doing. The Beretta was perfectly fine and better finished than my Taurus, but it's trigger was no better at all, both DA and SA. And my buddy's 92A1 (maybe a 2011 manufacture) had a trigger worse than both and he probably put a solid 4 or 5000 rounds through that pistol and the trigger never cleaned up.
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