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Carbine for Deer????

Depends on if you're a hunter or shooter. If you don't know the difference then you're a shooter so the Carbine shouldn't be used for deer.

I grew up in a poor area. People didn't have a lot of fancy guns, people normally had one and did what needed to be done.

What was popular was a 25-20. Much less powerful then the 30 Cal Carbine. But I've seen a lot of one shot kills with the little 25-20. But this was from hunters not shooters.

Later in life I've seen a lot of screw ups with a 300 WM (or similar) on deer.

Somewhere I have a picture of a Water Buffalo my father shot in the South Pacific during WWII with a carbine.

I don't hunt with mine. I wouldn't' recommend hunting with one. But if I needed a deer, I wouldn't be afraid to use the Carbine.

Its not the gun that makes a hunting rifle, its the hunter.
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