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I got two of them from Gander Mountain back when they first started coming in. One with the cross bolt, one without. Both came with holsters and were around $270.

The earlier gun without the cross bolt came with a P38 marked slide and sights. The later gun has the larger replaceable front sight. Both had a nice dark parkerizing on the slides and looked to have been redone. Both frames where in good shape, but were somewhat dinged up and bare aluminium was showing through where they were. Easily touched up with a black paint pen.

I ended up getting rid of the earlier gun, but kept the one with the cross bolt for a shooter.

I had a WWII vintage P38 (BYF42 "Mauser") a number of years ago, and traded it off on something I just had to have at the moment, and its one I regret letting go. It was a good shooter and never had any issues while I had it. Both of the post war guns were good shooters, accurate, and had decent DA triggers. The upgraded, larger sights actually make them easier to shoot with.

I dont shoot the one I kept a whole lot, but it doesnt seem to have any problem gobbling up the fairly warm reloads I use in my Glocks, which is what I shoot out of it.

The holsters they came with were pretty much worn out. One was leather, and one was a "Flecktarn" nylon military flap holster. I ended up getting a nice repro WWII flap holster from Pacific Canvas and Leather.

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