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Originally Posted by Coach Z
I can tell you definitively that the sig brace WILL NOT WORK on a standard stock buffer A1 A2 or carbine. It will only accept a round tube
It fits great on a standard carbine buffer tube if you machine off the notches for the stock. And you can even leave on a small section at the front so the arm brace can index at the front of it and not slide too close to the upper receiver. And since the notches are gone it can no longer accept a normal stock so there shouldn't be any fear of getting busted for possession of SBR parts.

It wil also fit on a regular rifle buffer tube but you need to add something to it (tape or something) to make the diameter a little larger so it fits tighter. And of course you'd have to modify a rifle buffer tube also if you wanted to avoid the possession issue.

Originally Posted by Sharkbite
Does anybody know the diff between an A1 tube and the above mentioned sig brace tube?
Besides being longer, it's also thinner so you need tape or something to make it fit tighter. It also can accept a stock, whereas the pistol buffer tube can't.
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