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I had one years ago, (West German police turn-in), gave it to a friend for work done. Mine wasn't too accurate, loaded mostly 115 gr. jacketed, then. Barrel slugged at .358 which maybe explains the inaccuracy. Wasn't into cast for semiautos, at the time, in fact that P1 was the only one I had, but cast might work well sized a thou over bore if they chamber OK. Like a lot of European guns bores can run a little large. They eject to the left which is kinda cool if you're a southpaw (I am). Mine needed the bullets seated longish, as I recall, to feed consistently. They are fun to shoot, as you surmised and malfs are easy to clear. Best if you can see it in person, they come in all conditions. How much do you want to spend? I'd say 325 bucks or less if in really good condition. That's kinda the ballpark figure I was seeing a few months ago. (for me)
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