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Originally Posted by Sharkbite
The T/C case is relavent due to the carbine buffer tube being needed to go back and forth. Whatever... The letter should clear it up
I already knew about the T/C case; trust me, I wasn't referring to that. But I was referring to what that letter was talking about; thanks for clearing that up. I'll admit that I was wrong that the BATFE says a buffer tube that can accept a stock is the same as a stock. But it still looks like it's a bad idea to use one on a pistol; how many people own a carbine or rifle buffer tube but don't own a stock that goes with it? And if you simply own that stock the BATFE said they can still nab you for possession of an SBR.

Originally Posted by Sharkbite
No harm in a lively discussion. Merry Christmas eve all
Yep, no harm at all! Merry Christmas, my friend!
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