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Walther P1 9mm (P38 style) anybody shoot one?

When I was a kid, I was always intrigued with the P38 for some reason. Now that I'm an old fart - that interest has seemed to rekindle although I probably would never spring for a true P38 due to the prices on them. I'm reloading 9mm now and I'm thinking about possibly getting a Walther P1 if I can run across one at a decent price. This won't be a "carry" or "SD" - just strictly a range plinker. - some paper punching and cans out to 25 yards.

Anybody shoot one of these? Any things to watch out for when buying one? Your thoughts on accuracy, etc.? I'd be using cast lead rounds.

I currently have a Ruger SR9 so have experience with that and several other 9mm. I'm using a 120 gr TC slug over 3.5 gr of BE in my reloads which seems to feed and function perfectly in the SR9. I'm thinking the P1 would be a fun plinker - just have no experience with them. Looking on GB - like many handguns - they seem to be priced all over the place. What would be a fair price on a good used one?

Your thoughts, advice please? Thanks!
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