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Am I missing parts? Marlin 1897

I picked up this rifle at a swap meet for $250.00 It all seems to function just fine un-loaded. Action is as smooth as can be expected for a 110+ year old .22
The lever has about a 1/4" of up and down slop or so when closed. The action itself is tight, it's a take down model and the stock/barrel halves fit together like new. Wood is pretty nice and crack free. The bore is a little dark but the rifling is crisp and sharp.

Here's the thing. It wont cycle ammunition. Any kind. 50 year old flat points, LRN , .22 longs, LR or shorts. HPs, plated, flat points RN semi wad cutter.....nothing.

.22LR loads from the magazine fine to the chamber, but will not eject (not unfired at least). It rips the bullet right out of the casing. longs are about the same. The 22 shorts it does fin with as long as there aren't more than 3 in the magazine tube. If there are, when you open the lever all of them shoot right past the cartridge cut off into the action jamming it.

So....first thing to eliminate, does anyone more experienced than me with these see anything missing, broken or out of place?

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