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Originally Posted by Boomer58cal
I always wondered why everybody gets a big bore and then runs super light loads. What's the point?
Reduced recoil, more rounds per pound of powder, smaller bruises on the shoulder. Heck, I run a .45-70, and my favorite load is a 405 grain bullet going about 1500 fps. I can step that up a bit, but I'd have to adjust the fillings in my teeth every time I pulled the trigger, and my load is a bit heavier than the loads that almost made the American Bison extinct. It's hard to argue that I need more power than that.

I've got the throttle there if I need it, but I don't have to run the rifle "wide-open" all the time. I can throttle it back a little bit with no problem. Just like my car, I don't have to run it with my foot stuck to the floor..
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