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Back during the competition for the U.S. Military Side-Arm, Beretta won a very extensive and grueling competitions with some of the other finer firearms in the world. I do not think Taurus submitted a proposal. I could be wrong since I was not on the selection board. I was too busy preparing the response from the Army to the Air Force on their new Unmanned aeriel vehicle. (UAV)

That was then, and now is now. Is Taurus doing better. Maybe so but I doubt it is to such a higher level. I hope I am wrong.

We all hope Taurus continues to improve their line of handgun to the point they are top contender in design, quality and customer support.

It would be nice to say one day - I like this Taurus just as much as this Sig, Beretta, Colt and/or S&W. It would be a big plus for all of us gun owners.
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