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Berettas are made in Italy and Maryland. The Taurus is made in Brazil on what was formerly Beretta tooling, sold to Taurus.

The Beretta pistols have a finer finish and attention to small details than the Taurus is likely to have across the board.

The Beretta has a completely different style of manual safety than the Taurus, and it is mounted on the slide. It might feel a bit "in the way" for some, but most don't mind where it sits. The Taurus has a lower safety lever mounted on the frame that allows decocking like the Beretta, but also allows for a "cocked & locked" condition that the Beretta is not capable of.

The two pistols use magazines of exactly the same dimensions, but the magazine catch hole in the forward part of the magazine is in slightly different locations.

Most would argue that the Beretta is a higher quality piece, and all else equal... it likely is. In the event of a problem with either handgun, Beretta has a far better reputation for service and customer care.

I prefer the design of the Taurus, and mine has been a very good and durable handgun for many thousands of rounds. I don't particularly care for the basic layout of either of these similar pistols, but I believe the Beretta is a higher quality handgun, but I still prefer the safety design/execution of the Taurus.

Given that I'm not particularly fond of these guns, I would choose the one I liked better -- the Taurus, because of the safety and lower price. If I were choosing which one to take if offered, knowing that I'd end up selling it, the Beretta would be a -FAR- better choice.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that the PT-92/99 pistols may be some of the best guns that Taurus has ever made.
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