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Media in primer pocket after re-tumble

This is another "I'm sure I know the answer - don't do that"...

I've been reorganizing my load/reload loot and decided some of the brass I had cleaned and re-sized / removed primer weren't shiny enough compared to some other newly tumbled brass. I tumbled it again overnight, wow it came out shiny.

As I was inspecting I noticed tumble media stuck in the primer 'blast hole' if you will. Wouldn't come out with a jiggle, happened to have that de-primer die in the press and punched it out.

Here's where I know the answer.. just not how bad it would be. If I loaded a primer in a cartridge that was blocked / semi blocked... would it fizzle and be a dud or would the primer blast it right out of the way and pow with the powder?

I think I know the big answer - don't re-tumble brass after you remove primer... but if you didn't and the above happened..?

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