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I keep three firearms in my bedroom. There is a 4.2" Ruger GP100 .357 magnum in my night stand. It would be my go to gun in a home defense situation. I store my CCW overnight in my dresser as a backup weapon. It is a Kahr CW9 compact 9mm pistol. I also keep an AR-15 under the bed with a couple of extra magazines incase I ever need it. The primary reason it is there is because it won't fit in my gun case in the den though. My wife is comfortable using the Ruger and the Kahr, but not the AR-15. I think that is an important factor if you have a family to defend. There is no guarantee that you will remain standing for the whole fight if your home is invaded overnight. Someone needs to be able to take over for you, which requires that they be comfortable with the weapon you were using.
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