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I doubt you could outdraw someone like that.
Not true, not true at all.

After the Onion Field incident, police departments across the country adapted the policy "never give up your gun" and started a training program that showed that is not true.

I was a firearms instructor with the Anchorage Police Dept. at the time and we did just such training. It's not only possible but you increase your chances of survival with the training.

I'm retired now but still do such training. As a demonstration, I have one of my students aim at his target, I stand next to him/her with my hands in my pocket. I tell the student to fire at his target when he/she sees me start to draw. About 98% of the time I get the shot off first.

Pretty much the same way we did it with I was in LE, except now I pocket carry which is so much faster.

Another training aid is to have a student stand with his open hands extended as if he was going to clap, the hands are body width apart. Again, I start with my hands in my pockets. I tell the student to clap when he sees me start to draw. Seldom, less then 1% of the time do they clap their hands together before I get my gun between the hands (using a blue plastic gun, don't do it with a real gun obviously).

One poor girl in my class last night tried 10 times but still couldn't beat the gun.

In both of the above training scenarios, the student knew what I was going to do, yet couldn't beat me.

The idea is "you can act faster then you can re-act" The students knew what I was going to do, but they had to re-act where I had to act.

Best if you can distract you opponent, getting them talking is best, can't talk and shoot at the same time.

Its not about strength. Its not about being young and agile, I'm neither.

It's about confidence, confidence is gained by hours of practice and handling your gun. The gun has to be as comfortable in your hand as a cell phone is to a teenage girl.

Again its how you carry and what you carry. If you have to fight with cover garments or safeties it's going to be difficult. If you walk around with your hands in you pocket, the same one the pistol/revolver is in, its more doable.

I'm not saying I'm the best out there, what I'm saying is I have confidence.

Before you start ranting and calling me full of crap, (which is gonna happen), I teach a woman's Firearms Safety & Self Defense class every Wed. night, I challenge you to show up and test me.
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