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"... a self-defense incident is going to be like some kind of cowboy-quick-draw duel.*


It never even happened a single verifiable time in the old west. "

Really? In the Old West? How about Bill Hickok? William McCarty? Jesse James? I could go on. The common thread, these pistoleros died because they were ambushed.

Same today... few will call you out... most will ambush you. Nothing has changed. And some folks even today use SA revolvers, check out the revolver forum. Why a woman in Aspen Colorado shot a perp using a 44 cal black powder cap and ball Remington Army 1858 revolver. One shot.

And even here, Police Chief was almost car-jacked... and the last Police Chief has referred to the environs of Detroit as the "Wild West." +

And if you do a search on Detroit and shoot-outs you can find relevant videos.

The quicker I can get my handgun out the better, and Lady Luck.

* The classic one-on-one "cowboy-quick-draw duel" occurred as early as 1865, Hickok vs. Tutt. One should also recall that one of our presidents actively took part in duels.

+""Police Chief Calls Detroit “The Wild, Wild West”" Newsone, August 10, 2009
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