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Robber walks in with gun already drawn

Originally Posted by zombietactics View Post
Too many people are possessed of the notion that a self-defense incident is going to be like some kind of cowboy-quick-draw duel.



Love your channel, and agree with most of what I see from you. I don't agree with the above. My disagreement isn't because I think that SD = quick draw duel. My disagreement is because I experienced a situation where somebody revealed a firearm and moved to present it, and I resolved the situation with no shots fired by beating him to presentation. The point I want to get across is not that "it is like this". Rather, my point is that we have no way of knowing what it will be like until it is happening.

I am a very big believer that draw speed is very relevant, mostly because of the possibility of resolving situations without violence. Two people I know also experienced situations where draw speed may have been the biggest determining factor in the level of violence. One was presented before he could be hit with a bat. The other failed to present before he could be physically engaged, and is now permanently disabled.

I think that draw is most relevant in situations where Ability and Opportunity are present, with Jeopardy being evidently imminent. This is to differentiate from situations where the encounter is moving before the defender sees it coming. When lethal force is being applied before the defender acts, a clean and smooth draw is far less likely. I suspect that getting off the X ASAP is job 1 at that point. Draw and everything else are less critical than "don't stand there and get killed".
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