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We shoot USBR 50 yard Bench Rest at the Club. Most of us shoot Wolf Match Target or Match Extra, or the same stuff in the SK mostly Standard Plus. Most of us are shooting for a good time.
The serious guys drag out the Hi Dollar Eley Black and Red Box, or the Hi End Lapua.

This seems to be how accuracy runs in a target rifle at our range starting with the low end stuff:

Auto Match / Aguila / Federal Champion

Wolfe / SK / Ely Club / Gold Metal Match

Eley Teem / Eley Black Box

Eley Red Box / Lapua's good target ammo.

Seems like Federal does make a version of the Gold Medal Match that does shoot better. The box I tested was not any of it however. My box was about like Auto Match.

In my experiance as was said above you will get flyers until you get into the expensive stuff.

My Gunsmith has a sign that says: Accuracy is just a question of money. Just how accurate do you want it to be. This pretty much covers rimfire ammunition too.

My budget likes Wolfe and SK just fine.

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