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When I was in the Army I worked part time for a Security Guard outfit in Colombus, GA. for awhile and they eventually moved me to working a liquor store. All the clerks had guns stashed at their registers, I was uniformed and they had a podium for me to sit at when I wasn't walking the store. One night a guy who owned a bar was short a couple of prime brands and came in to get a couple bottles. He was in his convertible corvette and he was armed, he didn't want to leave his gun in his car so he brought it in, in his holster, in his hand held up at head level for all to see. He was at least 5 steps through the door before it registered on me what he had in his hand, then that he wasn't supposed to have it, and that he was in turn making sure we didn't shoot him for it.

I realized at that moment that if someone came in determined and willing to vanquish any resistance I would not be able to stop them, and that this is exactly why this liquor store paid for a uniformed security guard when they were all armed themselves. I was the pop-up target and even if I didn't know it, I was being paid to take the first shots and give them time to react.

I quit really fast.
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