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Yeah.. That's life. Happened to my old man as well. He's alive and well right now. But his life was in the hands of someone else with a bullet between them. Unfortunately the primer wasn't facing him.

My half-brother was shot.

My uncle was shot.

This stuff happens more often than not.

We are always as the "good guys" in the defensive. The offense "bad guys" will usually always have the drop on you.

We go into day by day life just living in the moment. They look for harming other. They consider robbing people going to "work" in the morning. Legitimate work. Their minds are conditioned through poverty to feel that's the only way to make money. Their senses of killing a stranger is gone. They're desensitized by someone who trained them at a much younger age. They feel it's the norm.

We are in the defensive. Even as a LEO.

Only time good guys are on the offense that I've seen is military (war) and S.R.T (S.W.A.T).
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