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Robber walks in with gun already drawn

I have a friend that works at an overnight drug/general store chain. He happened to be off one night. On that night, a robber walked in and pulled a gun out of his jacket immediately and pointed it at the head of the clerk working there. He got what he wanted and then shot the clerk in the head anyways before leaving. He then went across the street to a local BBQ restaurant where a worker was dumping the trash out back. He shot the worker in the head.

The drug store employee thankfully survived. The BBQ restaurant employee did not.

I've wondered about this scenario lately. It seems to me that even carrying concealed would not have helped the first worker. The man walked in, gun already drawn, and made his demands. His demands were met and then he shot the worker anyways. I just don't see anything that would change the scenario. I doubt you could outdraw someone like that. Even if your draw is .9 seconds, the average human response time is .25 seconds. Do you just acquiesce and hope that the robber you're facing is one of the ones that won't kill you when they get what you want?

I'm not seeing any alternative answers. Pepper spray would seem to be worse than a firearm. Every answer I can think of is hope. Hope he turns his attention to someone else. Hope someone creates a diversion elsewhere. Hope he leaves when you give him what you want.

Is this just part of accepting that even in "normal" non-mall ninja scenarios, sometimes you can't be prepared for everything?
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