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OK, I read modern stuff too. This is from Edward Heiberger's "Angels On Our Shoulders" and is about his experience as a B-29 crewman during WW II.

It was about this time I met Frank B. Giles. Whenever we got up to start drill, here was this guy in our barracks with a Class A, dress uniform on suntans. One day I asked him, "How come we drill and you wear a Class A uniform?" he said, "I just tell them I am going on sick call." So I started hanging around with Frank. Frank and I ended up on KP one day, they called out various jobs and you could take what you wanted. You just volunteered.

They asked who wanted to wash trays. I said, "Let's do it", Frank said, "No". They asked who wanted to scrub the floor, I said, "Ok", but Frank said, "No". And then an easy one came out, lining up bottles of salt and so forth on the table. I said, "That's us", Frank said, "No way." Then garbage detail. I shut my mouth, but Frank said, "That's us." We carried out four garbage cans and ate ice cream from the kitchen all day!
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