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Plus 1 on post #28....

I agree with post #28.
Many gun owners or license holders do not put the practical elements of what a home invasion or break in will really be.
It will be in low light, during hours or times where you might be asleep or "off guard".
You'll be on the phone or using a alarm to contact 911 or a security service(if you have that plan).
Your kids, spouse, pets, etc will be amped up & either freaking out or in their home defense mode(if you already had that plan or system in place, ).
You may need to fend off a attacker or some strung out junkie who lunges at you for your weapon. A M4 or patrol rifle might not be as swift as a .357magnum snub or a compact pistol with a white-light/strobe.

Lenny Magill, put out a well made home defense video several years ago, both he & his lovely wife advocated a simple DA 3"/4" .38spl or .357magnum revolver for basic home protection.

That's good advice for most shooters/license holders.
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