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I spray my gun with clp and stick a wet hopes #9 piece of rope in the barrel at the range and stick it in a plastic bag. By the time I get home, it's ready for the air compressor and auto paper shop towel. The barrel is snaked a couple times. CLP spray it one more time and hit it with air and towel. One pass of oil then a single wipe in the barrel. It's all done except for a tad bit of grease on a q-tip for the metal/metal places (super thin w/ one swipe). The mag and spring is wiped as dry as I can get them. The gun is stored in controlled heat/humidity environment gun friendly safe. I have never timed it, but it seems quick. If you try it with air compressor, be sure to have the gun in a cloth towel to capture blown off oil particles. Wear a respirator to keep the micro oil droplets out of the lungs. Obviously use eye pro.
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