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reynolds357, with the original barrel it wouldn't group under 2" at 100 yards. No fliers, other then the ones I pulled, it just wouldn't shoot even close to MOA.

The action was trued and the Bartlein installed. It was put back in the same B&C stock I had put it in originally. We did bed the recoil lug but only the recoil lug. It went from a + 2 MOA to 1/4 MOA.

I was so sure it was going to be a good shooter that before I even shot it I put it in the B&C M 40 stock, installed a mag system, tactical bolt knob and a Jewell trigger. I was really disappointed when nothing I put down the tube and nothing I tried got it to shoot any better. I put the Bartlein barrel on it and the first three rounds (same load my other 308 shoots 1/4 MOA with) were under 1/2 MOA. The three bullet types I've tried (SMK 168 & 175 & SGK 165) have all grouped under 1/2 MOA. When I do my part it'll shoot 1/4 MOA now.
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