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I have a Crossbreed. It is a cool concept and being adjustable is a big help. One thing you've probably heard is that these guys can be squeaky for a while and there are various ways to fix it. I didn't find it too much of an issue and it does die down over time. I have two minor issues that I haven't seen discussed though.

First, Crossbreed doesn't offer full muzzle coverage. I understand wanting to holster different barrel lengths but when you are selecting for a specific gun anyway, why not cover the muzzle? I've noticed that leaning against certain surfaces or bumping it just right can give the muzzle a push. It is exactly enough to dislodge the gun. It doesn't happen often but I could see it becoming a problem. Second, it opens the muzzle to fluff, fuzz, and worst of all; the hot, moist air that may be rising up from your personal areas. I know nobody want to talk about this but face it, an important job of a holster is to protect the gun from you. Moisture and the salt from sweat, especially in the warm environment created by your body, can be absolutely brutal on metals.

That brings me to the second issue, which is the leather backing. It covers most of the important stuff, performing the task mentioned above. However, it leaves the end of the magazine free against your flesh on many models. I've examined more than one used compact in great condition except for a spot of rust on the carry side at the bottom of the magazine. This could explain why...
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