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I EDC'd a CZ75B for 3 years with a N82 Tactical non-tuckable AIWB. I don't like tuckable holsters as a rule.

It is still my "go to" holster when I carry the 75B. After long term use, it is still in great condition which attests to the quality of material and construction.

Pros: good to excellent weapon retention and trigger is well protected, weapon is well protected from body moisture, weight well distributed throughout the large sweat shield which also holds it in place. Single clip makes for easy on on/off.

Cons: the pistol retention is a high quality elastic strap, so when the pistol is drawn, the throat of the holster collapses. I don't want to call re-holstering a task, but it is definitely a very conscious step as with any non-re-inforced top holster.

From their website, it looks like the professional model needs a bit of a break-in period.
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