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I have shot out to 600 yards in the rain and yes, when it is raining, my scores went down.

One assignable cause was water on the lenses of my shooting glasses, the muddy ground, the mat slick , the rifle being slick, and of course, wind.

Sometimes when it rains, it blows. This is obvious when you are in rainy weather. Nasty gusting winds, such as I have shot in at Camp Perry, blow bullets all over the place. You can actually see circular wind patterns making their way through the grass. One range, we had to stand on our shooting mats because they would have blown away as the front came through, and I recall seeing one of those cheap styrofoam coolers tumbling down the range and flying over the berm.

Shooting a good standing score becomes much harder when wind gusts are high enough to blow your scope stand over.

I have shot smallbore in a drizzling rain. We managed to have pop up's so we shot mostly under cover, but I don't recall scores being especially stellar. You cannot see the target as well, because there is all that rain between my eye and target. This is obvious when you are actually there.

I have never found that range where you can shoot in the rain without myself, or my equipment getting wet, and where there is no wind. Perhaps when I find a place with “dry rain” and no wind, I will find that my scores are not all that different from nice sunny 70 F weather.

That will probably be in an alternate plane of existence.
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