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Blackops, I saw the pic. you posted of the groop with your 5R. If my AAC-SD had grouped like that it would still be wearing the original barrel. Perhaps I should have gotten an R5 but the Bartlein sure shoots well. I have a 24" Kreiger heavy varmint 1 in 11.25 on another 308 in a fully ajustable Bell & Carlson. Can. You say HEAVY. It shoots fantastically with 168 SMKs. It shoots them so well that's all I shoot in it. Tried the Bergers 168 . The SMKs are less expensive and shoot just as well. It shoots so well that it has become boring at 100 yards. Hopefully some day I'll find a place where I can let it streatch it's legs.

I bought the AAC 20" to hunt with. I was very disipointed with how it shot. When I put the Bartlein on I hated to cut it off so it's 27 + the brake but I'm no longer in doubt that the bullet will go where the center of the crosshairs are. It really likes the 165 SGK.
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