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IWB holster choice, opinions welcomed.

This is a follow up to my previous post about holster choices. My first holster for my M&P Shield will be a IWB. I've done a lot of study on the internet and have it narrowed down. I thought I would ask about your opinions on these choices and how they stack up. Actually, I would probably be happy with either of these choices, but your opinion would be welcomed!
Galco King Tuk
Hidden Hybrid IWB Crossbreed
Nate 82 Professional
Nate 82 Original Tuckable

The Galco holster looks very well made, and is rather accessible and fairly priced. But not as many options as the Hidden Hybrid.

The Hidden Hybrid IWB Crossbreed looks VERY well made and comfortable. Clips can be removed to convert to belt carry, and it has an adjustment screw for tension control. Combat cut is nice too.

The two Nate 82 holsters mentioned look like a great option. Very comfortable to wear, and holds up well from what the comments I read say. The Original Tuckable has the stretch nylon holster that works very well. The improved Professional model has the polycarbonate holster body which holds the gun well. Everyone seems to like it but there are a couple concerns with the Professional version. Some don't like how you have to give the gun a slight twist to remove your gun from the polycarbonate holster body, which could be an issue in a moment of panic. Also, others claim the holster tension screw comes loose on the Pro series and is difficult to tighten the screw down because there is nothing to grab on the backside to tighten the screw down tight. But neither of these things are of great concern to users comments. Also, you don't get the Combat Cut with the Nate holster, but I don't know if that is really and issue to be concerned with.

Over all, which of these holsters would you prefer and why?
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