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The general and the private (from page 26 of Charming Nellie)

For Thanksgiving, here's one short amusing incident.

General Whiting and I reached the loblolly about the same time. I was much the wiser man of the two, though; I followed the current, he endeavored to change it. "Wade right through that mud, men," he commanded; "it is not deep." Whereupon a fellow who was marching in a single file in the narrow way around, said in a sarcastic tone so easily adopted by the most timid man in a darkness and confusion which prevents identification, 'You go through it yourself, Mr. Little Man, if you're so sure it ain't deep.' "Do you know, sir, you are talking to General Whiting?" angrily demanded that officer. "Maybe so," responded the unknown, now almost around the the mudhole, and at any rate too far away to be identified, "But damned if I believe a word of it. Yu are more likely one of his couriers, taking advantage of this dark night to play the general and order your betters around. Anyhow, if you are a general, you are a damned small one!" "Arrest that insolent fellow!" shouted Whiting furiously - so beside himself with rage that he spurred his horse into the mudhole and was splashed from head to foot with its contents. "Oh, dry up, you damned old fool!" came echoing back through the black darkness into which the daring fellow plunged; and in a moment more Whiting was laughing heartily at the ridiculous position and plight in which his hastiness had placed him."
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