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Show me an 1100 that can go 2500 rounds with NO cleaning.

Show me an 1100 that can go 30K with NO parts changes.

Show me an 1100 that can go 30K with NO malfunctions.

There is just no comparison between the two! VersaMax shotguns do all of the above. It would be a 1 in 1,000,000 1100 that can keep up with the VM.

Consider, if you will the evolution of the 1100 as compared to the VM. The 1100 is a many times worked over action that was orginally a manual. The 1100 LOCKS open at every shot and then the bolt is released, by stamped metal parts, due to impact of the shell hitting the release.

I can understand the desire for blue and wood, but that is window dressing and the two platforms are not even in the same league.
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