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I know Remington made 308 caliber barrels (30-06) in 1/10 but have never seen a factory Remmi. .308 Win. 1/10 until the AAC-SD came out. Not saying they don't exist just haven't seen any info on Remington's site about one. The only Remmy in .308 Win. I found with 1/10 was the AAC-SD. Even the Tactical SPS has 1/12 so I didn't think Remmi. made any. Looks like I was wrong.

As for the barrel being warped; it's straight on the outside. Doesn't mean the rifling is. But it's all water under the bridge. The Bartlein 1/11 1/4 shoots very well with 165 gr. SGK and 168 and 175 gr. SMK. Range master told me last week that I was going to shoot the barrel out. I replied "isn't that what they are for"? I love shooting it. Actually I'm still under 200 rounds down the tube.

What's not to like about a rifle that shoots like this.

This was working up loads. And as usual I pulled a few.

Guns are not dangerous! People are! RKBA!

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