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Revolver versus semi,,,

Revolver versus semi,,,
It's an old argument for certain.

I take a lot of newbies to the range,,,
It's my little way of supporting the 2A fight.

I usually start the newbies off with a revolver,,,
Simply because it's easiest for them.

If they show interest in getting their own gun,,,
They almost always ask me what they should get.

Then I ask them this question:
Are you going to buy the gun and then practice with it,,,
I mean practice enough that you know it better than you do your car?

If they say no I then recommend a revolver,,,
If they say yes I tell them to buy either, depending on their personal likes.

If as you say, your wife enjoys shooting the Kel-Tec pistol,,,
Then by all means start training her with that gun,,,
And as everyone else has said, let her choose.

I guess the gist of my point is this,,,
It's perfectly fine to start with a semi-auto pistol,,,
As long as they accept that they will have to train with it a bit more than with a revolver.


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