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wife's ccw choice

Hi all, I'm new here.

So, my wife just got her carry permit, we don't have the funds to buy her a new handgun. Most of my firearms are full size, except for my armscor m206 snub nose .38 that stays in the nightstand and my pocket gun a keltec .32 auto. I usually just throw the keltec in my pocket and go. The armscor I bought because I saw it, it looked good, and it was cheap. I have put alot of rounds through the armscor and it really is a good reliable gun (don't roll your eyes). The dilemma is that my wife really loves the keltec for the size, weight, and trigger pull (she is extremely small). She is a new shooter and it is the only one (of mine) she really enjoys taking to the range. Maybe I am just old school, but I believe a new shooter should use a revolver. Am I out of touch on this? I don't want to overwhelm her with too many things at once, so its either do some tap, rack, ready drills on the semi auto in case of a jam (for my peace of mind) or get her stronger and more familar on the .38.
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