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It's different, but I'm not sure what the point is.

Winchester USA 230-grain FMJ is rated at 835 fps, this stuff is 880 fps. Plus this ammo claims to have nickel-plated bullets (not cases -- I wonder if that's an editorial oops) and a flat point. I don't see any reason for doing either of those things. It would seem to me that a cartridge intended to commemorate the M1911 (albeit almost three years late) should replicate the original cartridge as closely as possible.

As to the JHP, at 880 fps for the 230-grain variety it appears that this is just Winchester's USA Personal Defense ammo in a slightly different box but, again, with a nickel-plated bullet. So they've added a flat-point FMJ round that has the same velocity and probably the same profile as the JHP round. I've shot a bunch of Win USA 230-gr FMJ and a fair amount of the Win USA 230-gr Personal Defense ammo, and as far as I'm concerned any difference in point of impact is due far more to my shooting than to the difference in velocity between the FMJ and JHP flavors.

If they have the capacity to introduce this stuff, I wish they'd just use it to make more Win USA ammo.
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