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From the last few non-C&R firearms I purchased from SOG, I followed the same format:

Contact your chosen FFL and have them fax both his/her info to SOG and your name (essentially giving SOG permission to send what you purchase to him/her/it/they).
If you don't currently have a FFL who will receive for you, hit up the pawn shops in your area that sell firearms. Expect a $15-$30 fee per transaction/firearm.

If the FFLs in your area charge more than $30 (or worse, ask a percentage of the purchase price... which is absurd), expand your search or move out of the communist alcove you live in.

Then once SOG has received your FFL's info, you call SOG directly and order your firearm using your credit/debit card.

Your FFL will notify you (hopefully) when your firearm arrives. Then you simply fill out your 4473 paperwork, pay your FFL's fee and take your new toy home to spark an argument with the wife and justifying her purchase of a $300 pair of shoes that will add to her closet collection of shoes she never wears. Pick your battles; don't argue.
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