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You know, in a rifle match you are shooting against time and conditions. Time is nice and linear, but conditions are always now and later. You can't predict later but you better be shooting now when the conditions are right, because you may run out of time before they come back again.

So, if you neck size, expect to have to knock out a few cases with a cleaning rod and burn up time when you should be shooting now.

Neck sized cases sound like an excellent way to earn a crummy score.

But hey, that is why you drove three hours, spent $60.00 in gas, $25.00 in match fees, and shot ammunition that costs about $1.00 a round. To end up with a crummy score.

I am doing that with ammunition that functions perfectly, I am certain that my score would be even more crummy if I had to break position, get a cleaning rod, and knock out neck sized ammunition.

Could I consider that improvement?
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