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9mm vs. .45 with a twist

Originally Posted by RX-79G View Post
Historically, the modern .45 came to be after 9mm diameter bullets failed to stop certain motivated adversaries in Asia. The other half of the story is that the .45 didn't do any better.

The SEALs that I had worked with all seemed to think that firing multiple shots was the way to go, and were happy with their Sig 9mms for making that relatively easy and having lots of rounds to do that with. Other elite units had a different view.

I think all FMJ is relatively bad. Three .25s to the chest is probably better than one .45 ball round.
Units don't have views, though I get that you're referring to people who procure for units. The views of individuals who get to decide what to carry are evident in their personal gear. Some friends of mine have carried a Sig 220, an M9 (by choice, over a Sig 226 and 1911), and a G22.
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