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1903A3 blow up

I was just on another web site reading about a 1903A3 sounded like a Bolt ruptured. The shooter was going on about the rifle and what it did, must have cut him in the forehead. but no exact location, of the injury. nothing about if the 03, was it cleaned, how many rounds were fired, and then he goes on about they were Reloads, bought at a gun show. and he shows a photo of the round, dated 54 30 cal, rear of the casing was blown out,!!!! and a piece was still on the shell, primer had a nice clean hit, the blow out was at 6 to 9 o'clock. on the shell, I think a hot load, and not the Guns fault. I still shoot 150 grain, military ball, and Garand 150 grain, my 1903 is mid serial number, under 800.000. I have some Old Greek Garand ammo. I have a friend reload, my used rounds, again 150 grain. Just thought you shooters of the 1903 would be interested
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